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Ants in ALL of my Pots!

9 years ago


I've got around 20 containers, consisting of tomatoes, peppers, lemon/lime trees, various herbs and so forth.

Currently I have a huge ant problem. Tiny black ants, by the thousands. Particularly in my chives and Lemon Tree pots. I'm seeing 20-30 queens at a time. I've used a Seven like product on the plants themselves, because I spotted some ants (larger, not like the hoard I'm mainly seeing) eating on my tomatoes. I'd really rather not use pesticides at all but it's really getting out of hand!

I live in Texas, we're starting to get up to 100 degree's a day but had some recent rain. The pots are all damp so I'm not sure if that's drawing them. I also have a bird feeder (seeds) in the same area, with the bird food getting scattered around the area infested so I'm not sure if that's contributing.

I'm just trying to find a solution to get rid of them or at least get them to a manageable level. I'd hate if they got inside. I don't mind ants, I'm just scared they're going to continue to eat my fruit and maybe are eatting the roots of the plants they're infesting.

Help and Thanks.


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