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have: don't have any seeds? i'll send u some for sase/trade

I'll send these, no trade needed, to anyone who wants to send a self addressed stamped envelope.

I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY REQUESTS, FROM NOW ON, WITH NO CONTACT INFO LISTED (the 1st post helps newbies know how to set up contact info on here), OR AN EMAIL NAME WITH RANDOM CHARACTERS LIKE, OR DEROGATORY NAMES, LIKE "mybig\*\*\*\*, etc\- THESE WILL BE SEEN AS PHISHING ATTEMPTS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm also not going to answer non specific seed requests, like "I would love some seeds". I'm not going to send 10 emails, trying to pry which EXACT ones you want, out of your responses. It's a simple thing, even for those typing on phones/Ipads or whatever, to simply state..."I would like.." " toms only/hybrids ok" "3 T2T(true to type) toms only" "all8(including hybrids)" "all/NO hybrids", "all toms/NO hybrids", "all/hybrids ok" or list out what SPECIFIC ones you want... "Copia, & Chinese Radish" "no toms/radish&cantalope only", etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\` I use "Occupant" as a mailing name, for similar reasons. I get mail fine. IF THIS POST IS STILL HERE, I STILL HAVE THE SEEDS LISTED. UPDATE: Chinese White Winter Radish is now considered "gone" pending incoming SASEs. I will repost if any becomes unclaimed. I change the numbers of available packs, and erase any unavailable ones, as availability dwindles, now that we can easily edit posts! I would prefer the return envelope to have 1\-2 first class stamps on it. The more types/packs you want, the more weight, the more postage needed. I shouldn't need more than 2 stamps. If you want to do a trade, that's fine too, You can look at my exchange list, I really need Purple Beauty Pepper, Blood Red Turnip, red cabbage and lima beans especially. My seeds are raised veganically vegan/organic in a permaculture no waste method. I'm not certified, just ethical. I don't use any commercial animal based soil amendments. I do use pet rabbits who stay inside and 6 little goldfish who stay outside except in the winter, as fertilizer factories. The fish keep my water catchment tubs free of mosquito larva, and infuse "nutrients" into the rainwater. The rabbits eat all kinds of vegan waste, baked potato skins, banana peels, weeds, untreated grass, seed stalks, blackberry leaves, and even some flowers, and rose clippings. They are more efficient in reducing biomass, into usable fertilizer, than a compost pile. I have some tomato seeds...20+ seeds per pack 1\. Copia \- red stripes on a yellow background ( 1 prepacked \- some more unpacked GETTING LIMITED\- available as of this posting) 2\. Old Ivory Egg tomato \- pale yellow, size & shape of a hen's egg. (18 packs available as of this posting) \- see larger pale tomatoes in the photo below. 3\. Amur Tiger tomato. (see photo) \- dwarf \- grows to about 4 feet tall \- bears red and gold striped tomatoes, the size of ping pong balls or larger. When the green stripes turn gold, they are fully ripe. unpacked\-don't know how many packs they'll make. It's best to harvest this tomato before it's ripe, to prevent cracking due to environmental changes. 4\. HYBRID tomato for growing and eating \- was medium orange \- crossed with a red hybrid to make red\-orange hand ball sized tomatoes, on plants that keep the parents wilt/wispy/droopy foliage \- plants are not sick \- This plant is the one of the first I grew and started learning to save seeds on \- the parent plant was offered as "open pollinated", but they didn't tell me it crosses easily, so won't produce true to type offspring. (102 packs available as of this posting) Since I saved seeds to it, I don't want to just throw them away. 5\. HYBRID red cherry, may have crossed with a yellow cherry, so fruit maybe red or yellow.and fruit might be larger than a cherry, as a currently growing one is. Same story as above. When they are grown, & eaten, no more seeds will be saved. (6 packs available as of this posting) So if you know people wanting to grow for food, who aren't seed savers, these might work. Since I've learned what I'm doing, I won't be working with any hybrids any more. And some other veggie seeds... 6\. Cantalope \- Hale's Best \- unpacked \- limited amount available 7: Chinese White Winter Radish \- hot taste! "7\-8\-inch long, white winter radish with a blunt tip and crisp, solid flesh." \- This radish seems mild, at first bite, but when the juice comes out, it has a hot bite to it, then a firey "afterburner" taste that stays on the tongue for a minute. If you like hot peppers, you'll probably like it. [
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