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HAVE: Don't have any seeds? i'll send u some for sase

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Buy organic potatoes? Have any sprout?

Don't throw them away, plant them!

Get a large storage tote with holes in the bottom.

put in 6" of soil, nestle sprouted potatoes on top of the soil.

Put 3" of soil over the potato.

When the stems are 6" tall, add 3" of more soil.

Keep doing that as it grows.

Let the plant flower, then completely die.

When there's no color except brown on the plant, dump the tub over and hunt for your potato treasure.

You should get more than you started with, some med/large potatoes, some "new" potatoes, and some "seed" potatoes.

If you deliberately plant potatoes every week, you'll be able to harvest some potatoes every week until frost.

This may cut back on the need to go buy some.

But if you do buy some and they sprout, this could be a way to have no waste, and gain some fresh ones, to make up for the old sprouted one.

If you live in a no frost zone, this is a way to have perpetual potatoes.

Use the used potato soil, to top dress a lawn, plant veggies, other than tomatoes or potatoes or plant flowers in.

One can make high sided raised beds to hide the potato tubs, if wanted. It can double as a cold frame, with a piece of corregated clear fiberglass on top of the bed/tubs.

I grew all of the potatoes in the photo, from one small sprouted potato.

This particular plant had been ground planted, not container grown.

A critter dug a foot wide hole in a garden bed I was prepping, so I just filled the hole with a potato plant, that I'd started in a pot.

To anyone who does't know, hilling potatoes (adding soil near the stem, as the plant grows), is done, so sunlight cannot reach the growing tubers and turn them toxic green.

I got some green on one small tuber of this plant, but I think it will be ok to be a seed potato.

Store the potatoes in a cool, dark place.

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