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Insects attacking my Pepper plants 'Help'

16 years ago

I have 12 Green Bell Pepper plants that have been attacked by 2 different insects. I have seen this little white fly on the back of all of my peppers. They are making these little green bumps that are covered with this white fuzzy substance on the back of my leaves. Here is a picture of them.



On 3 of my peppers at the end of the row are a bunch of ants which I belive are responsible for these big white balls on the stem of the plants.



I have put 5% seven dust on the plants numerous of times but its not working. I have hosed the plants down with forsfull water not working. Can anyone help me figure out if my asumptions are correct of whats doing this and help me get rid of them so it doesnt kill my hard work

Thank you in advance for your help.

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