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Nurseries for Fruit trees in Dallas/Fort Worth

11 years ago

Hi All,

I'm planning to plant few fruit trees in my new home. It would be of great help if the forum members could suggest the best nursery for buying fruit trees so that I can plant them in dormant state before the end of February 2013

I have already visited the following nurseries,

1. Northaven Gardens, Dallas
2. Strong's Nursery, Carrollton
3. Calloways - Lewisville & Southlake
4. Home Depot - Various locations
5. Lowes - Various locations

I'm interested in the following fruit trees,
1. Asian Pears
2. Cherry's
3. Plum
4. Peach

I wish to support local small business but the fruit tree prices in big box stores, Home Depot and Lowes seems to be cheaper than the rest of the nurseries and also they seem to give good warranty.

Please share your experiences on

- Pros and Cons of buying fruit trees from local nurseries to big box stores
- Quality of fruit trees

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