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still have lots to trade..... make an offer

16 years ago

Hi - I have these seeds, available for trade.

I have listed, all the info. I have for the seeds.

Since, some of them were pricey and hard to come by ,

tropicals and such.

I am, looking for all types of plants.

My wish list, follows the first list - it is always being updated as, I discover new plants.

If interested in trading, please send a link to your trade page -

with your email.

All offers, will be considered. Thank you. tina_2

****** SEED LIST ******

1. Passion flower unknown / huge purple

flowers, fragrant.

2. Gloxinia / yellow flowers.

3. Butterfly bush / purple flowers.

4. Butterfly bush / Royal red flowers.

5. Dutchman's pipe vine.

6. Red Hot Poker/ red flowers.

7. Cynanchum Laeve / Honey vine -

white flowers, attracts Monarch Butterflies..

8. Passion flower Foetida / pinkish - purple flowers.

9. Clematis / Nelly Moser /big pink flowers.

10. Canna / red flowers.

11. Asclepias Currassava / tropical butterfly weed/ red flowers.

12. Asarina "Joane Loraine" vine/ striking blue flowers.

13. Vitex - Chaste tree/ purple flowers.

14. Castor Bean tree/ red foliage.

15. Bleeding Heart/ pink flowers.

16. Ylang Ylang vine/ fragrant yellow flowers.

17. Datura / huge purple flowers/ fragrant.

18. Hosta "Frances William.

19. Papaya seeds.

20. Japanese Maple / Fancy leaf.

21. Moonflower vine / big lavender flowers ,fragrant.

22. Agapanthus seed/ blue flowers.

23. Hollyhocks / black flowers.

24. Black Eyed Susan vine / yellow flowers.

25. Datura / huge- white flowers / fragrant.

26. Coffee - Arabica seeds.

27. Caryopteris - Bluebeard/ blue flowers.

28. Sabal minor palm seeds.

29. Iris - unknown seed.

30. Iris Ensata - dark purple flowers.

31. Cassia Alata Candlestick tree/big yellow

flower spikes.

****** My Wish List ******

This list is always added to, as I discover more plants!yay

Banana plants- Rhino Horn, Orinoco , Brazilian

and Thousand Fingers and most banana plants.

You can Tempt me with other Bananas also, since I am new

to them.


Spanish Flag Vine.

clematis vine.

Flame Acanthus.

Coral vine/ antigonon leptopus.

Thunbergia Mysorensis / Clock vine.

Strawberry Begonia.

Any Shade Plants.......




Anything that draws Hummingbirds.

Crinum bulbs.


Fragrant plants.

Pretty flowering ground covers.

Lemon Grass - great for cooking, etc!

Red passion vine and others.

Oxalis - the one with the maroon leaves and pink flowers or white flowers.

Most tropical vines.

I LOVE anything variegated!!!!!!!!

Gloriosa lilies....

tropical looking lilies.

tropical cannas - red leaves & variegated.

ornamental grasses- pink pampas,etc.

Most perennials.

gingers - would love to get these plants: reds ,pinks, and


Any but ***Really Want - Heliconia Rostrata plants.

Hostas - any big and fast growing.

Big ferns Wood, Southern, etc ... for the garden.

large type e.e.'s - like black, variegated and unusual


pond plants - lizard tail, big papyrus,

waterlilies etc....

Daylilies - all but orange. Got these coming out of my



Crocosmia bulbs.

Japanese Maples.

Tempt me, send pics. - I am still finding plants I



Veggies- like tomato, jalapeno, multiplying onions,

squash, scarlet runner beans.


Peat pots or plastic pots - for starting plants/seeds.

Some good Potting soil.

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss/ or Coir.

Plant Labels.

Gloves - preferably rubber edged.

Huge/gynormous planters - over 3 gal. size.

Just make an offer, you may have

a plant that I haven't

discovered yet !!

Thanks for your time, Happy Gardening! tina_2

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