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19 years ago

Hello Ya'll,

Our local recycling center is fabulous and believe it or not, a great way to meet the neighbors. Yesterday, I went shopping for plastic gardening pots at the recycling center. There were tons of containers for planting from cell packs to large 2 gallon containers to decorative ceramic pots for your plants. I also found a nice wooden "picnic style" basket that I will either keep sewing supplies in or use as a planter on the deck. My recycling center takes in used furniture, toys, books, grills, microwaves, a/c units, etc... You name it they might just have it. Check with your town clerk for more information. In my area, you are "supposed" to buy a sticker for the recycling center, but they gave me a sticker for free. I hope that this information is useful for someone. Maybe someone else would care to share their recycling center finds? Happy gardening everyone!


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