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Advice on Landscaping/Fence(s)

10 years ago

Hello all. Planning to do some work planting and perhaps on a privacy fence next year and would appreciate any and all feedback.

We live in Northern NJ.

The first photo is the view from our kitchen porch. Clearly we don't have much privacy; this is a new problem as we only redid our kitchen a few years back; prior to that we didn't look out back at all.

I suppose that we could put plantings/trees along the entire back fence, but I think it might be better to plant three trees; one in the right corner of the pool area (or behind the fence, ill get to that), one in the center of the pool, and one on the left side of the pool.

If we do go for trees, I think we would want something that grows to 15-20 feet, and would prefer coniferous (you can see we've got no privacy now). Any thoughts about that would be appreciated, including the possibility that its not practical or recommended.

Our neighbors (also friends) put up new fence last year. As it happens our property line extends 4 feet or so beyond our current pool fence-- i don't know why. Basically, the second photo shows the 'no-man's land' between the current fences; this property belongs to us. When we replace our current pool fence, we could move it back, but would want to consider the aesthetics of our neighbors. if we put up a pool fence right against theirs (5 feet minimum) I don't think it would look nice for them. Again, any thoughts or advice appreciated.

Next is a photo of our side yard from the back porch. We planted schip laurels several years ago and they have not grown very well, despite our best efforts. Any advice on replacing/additional planting appreciated.

Last is a photo from the sidewalk (you can see we live on a corner). You can see that we don't have much privacy. This is a particular issue when we are using the pool. My idea is not that we necessarily want a thick hedge all the way to the corner of our street, but that we could strategically place a few shrubs or small trees to increase the privacy.

Much appreciated.


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