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Special Offer: Seeds for SASE

14 years ago

I'm currently inundated with seeds I don't know what to do with; I've gone as far as feeding them to my mice, but that seems rather senseless. So, for a limited time and while supplies last, the seeds listed below will be available for SASE. I have enough of each variety for at least 3 SASE orders. This is on first come, first served basis, that is, priority will be determined by order in which I receive the requests, so don't delay! Please reply or, preferably, send me an e-mail if you're interested. Trades are also welcome.

Basil, Sweet

Bee Balm/Lemon Balm


Cherry Tomato

Dahlia, mixed varieties

Gallardia (red, yellow, & Arizona Sun)

Hibiscus, dark pink

Jerusalem Cherry/Winter Cherry

Pretty Purple Pepper

Sweet Pea Vine (dark pink)

Tomato, Gold Nugget

Tomato, Yellow Pear

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