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Need help creating a garden - memory of my 17 years old grdaught

15 years ago

Hi, I am a grieving grandma who lost my beautiful seventeen year old granddaughter on May 19, 2007.

To work through my grief and looking for light in my darkness I started clearing brush around my yard, I live in the country... and then decided to make a memorial garden for my granddaughter...I have an area that is quite shady. When it rains and the snow melts there is water in a stream at the edge of this spot... so it feels boggy, but it gets dry too..... The area is circular and there are trees in the middle of it, the dry/wet stream with a lot of weeds, an old railroad bed...on either side..I covered a semicircular area with newspapers, dumped mulch on it, planted some asclepias..

I plan to measure the area and find a place wher I can post some pictures of the area soon. I work very slowly - grieving people move slowly - Next spring I want to start planting...

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