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Ten cents in seeds yields one dollar worth produce??

16 years ago

There is an article on MSNBC today titled, AS FOOD PRICES RISE, MORE GROW THEIR OWN.

It mentions that seed companies say a dime spent on seed produces one dollar worth of produce. Now I guess that could be true if the only costs involved were the seeds :~).

When I started our vegetable garden, I found lots of other things were needed. Fertilizer, BT for horn worms, insecticidal soap for aphids and other mean critters, neem oil for more mean critters, fencing to keep the neighborhood cats away (they are welcome otherwise) and to deter the squirrels and chipmunks, more tools. Oh and water. Which is expensive in our area, we live in the Metro Atlanta area.

The investment is worth it to me partly because we have fresh vegetables but mostly because I find so much joy being outdoors, and in growing things.

I thought it was kinda funny for the seed company to say for every 10 cents spent you get a dollar of produce? Are they right?

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