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Neat frameless raised beds: how to?

11 years ago

I don't use any kind of enclosure on my 30"x20' wide beds, but I try to shape them into a slightly raised form. When they get watered they get smooshed down to path level again. This year it occurred to me that I should dig out the paths a little and put that soil onto the beds to raise them up a bit.

My aim is to create something aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I'm striving to get nice straight-edged beds that rise up over the neat, linear paths! I'm not sure what tools do use, or how exactly to do it. Any tips will be appreciated!

Here are my questions.

1. How do you create the berm? I'm thinking of edging the beds with a spade to get the edges nice and straight. I guess using a flat shovel to create a flat bottomed path would be the next step?

2. Is it realistic to think the mounded shape will stay put?

Thank you!!

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