dog vs. Marathon II

14 years ago

Ok, so I went into this fully knowing it wouldn't be easy. I have brand new deep, dark green Marathon II sod and a big beautiful golden retriever. There is a place for him to pee, and he is very trainable and 90% accurate. Occasionally, when we are at work, he gets defiant and pees right in the middle of the yard (probably cause he didn't get steak or chicken for dinner) --- evidenced by a brown spot in the next day or two.

Is there anything I can do for these "accidents," to mitigate the damage? I know I can spray the area down if I see it happening --- I do wash the area down and fertilize if I see a spot starting to develop, with varying results.

Is there a product I can use for triage on my grass? maybe a dog pee antidote? I have thought about setting my sprinklers to water for a minute or so every couple hours, but not sure it would help, and concerned about fungus.

Feel free to tell me I should have planted bermuda-- I had that before i built my pool, and couldn't keep it green in winter--- I am beyond that


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