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Porous Patio Mortar Product

15 years ago

I have read an earlier message on GardenWeb that mentioned a product that could be used between the joints of patio pavers. It may not have been on this forum, however I hope that one of the experts reading this will understand what it is that I am trying to locate. It was something like a swept in sand, except that it had the properties of mortar in that it would actually stick together and not really wash out or become a track-into-the-house problem. The other feature was that it was fairly porous, providing some water to the tree roots that may be under the patio. It was also described as being self healing of the cracks that eventually develop.

I have tried to recall the name and search for it here. I thought it was called eco sand or ecco sand. I sure hope that one of you will know of the product.



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