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Tapla-need advice re potted citrus- long post

15 years ago

Al and anyone else with experience in this:

I am in So Cal, inland, (Lake Elsinore) and have had the following citrus in 26" italian clay pots for about 4 years. All are grafted on dwarf root stock

Meyer Lemon (has crops in 3 stages right now-ripe, about 1" big, and new buds just emerging)

Valencia Orange (has small crop ripening as we speak, just beginning to put out new green growth)

Satsuma Tangerine (has small crop ripening as we speak, no new growth visible yet)

Bearss Lime (has ripe crop now, just now budding out, new green growth began about 2 weeks ago.


Fuyu Persimmon, went into shock when I moved, no crop this year still has leaves

Brown Turkey Fig, still has leaves, crop is just finishing up

So Al, I would like to transfer them into your mix using the same pots, before spring (The heat could set in as early as May)

I have begun bare rooting lots of other plants and putting them in your mix, with mixed success). Some of the plants went into shock after bare rooting and I lost a few (mostly evergreens). I do not want this to happen to my fruit trees.

Please give me your best advice. Thanks!

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