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Should I trash my coir-based medium?

16 years ago

Having read the Utah State University paper on growing in coir, posted yesterday by "thegeez", I was up quite late re-reading all the positive printed matter that lead me to substitute it for the peat in what is otherwise a close approximation of Al's mix. After seeing the comparative photos of the same plants grown in coir or peat, I am now ready to jump off my roof. As that won't kill me, (it's only the 2nd fl.), I'm thinking of not planting bulbs in it, and scrapping it altogether. I don't want to start bulbs, or the wonderful seedlings I grow indoors in winter, at a disadvantage. But it's such a beautiful, fluffy medium. It holds water, yet drains so perfectly. Is it my imagination that the few plants I transplanted into it on Labor Day now look anemic? What to do!


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