Anyone have any indoor plants in nice looking pots? pics?

12 years ago

When mine were outside they looked alright..

I never give it a thought as to what they look like, except the plants themselves..They fit right in with the ground, cement, and outdoors..

When I bring them in my new plant room/entertainment room, they look hideous, ugly.

The clay ones look ok. In fact the weathered ones look the nicest, but the plain ole black plastic ones, like the ones nureseries stock their plants in, look terrible in a room that I am trying to keep clean and neat. Not classy at all against new walls, rugs and furniture..I don't mind even terracota, if they had some handmade designs and different shapes, other than the same ole regular shaped ones Home Depot sells..

Does anyone have any pictures of their pots to show off, or any ideas? Maybe handcrafted ones, or painted ones? Some with nice designs?

Where did you get yours?? Any companies other than the big box stores or local nurseries that sell really unique ones that plants do well in? Beautiful designs? I would love to stock up for next spring..

Some here must have some gorgeous container pics..:-)

Thanks so much...

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