20 3' X 4' old posts-what would you do with them?

I just called about 20 3" X 4" posts listed on Freecycle and the offerer is to return my call (assuming I was lucky enough to be the first one to respond).

I'm thinking setting several of them in a row and growing vines on them, ie morning glories, sweet peas, cardinal vine, sort of an annual living privacy fence.

Maybe build a really nice compost structure with 2 or 3 separate bins?

Maybe build some sort of a structure to contain my 'good' mulch when I buy it by the truckload? The existing one isn't big enough and is pretty haphazard and shoddy built with various sized concrete blocks.

hmmm...I just remembered I have a bunch of old salvaged fence boards stored in a friend's old chicken house. Oh my the possibilities are endless.

What would you make or do with some free posts and wood?

Oh...then too I could maybe make a big coldframe...or raised beds? Score!


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