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Backyard help!! Need Ideas

15 years ago

We have an odd shaped lot (1.17ac.) it is triangular. The majority of our land is on the left side(if facing the house.) But the further to the left the more angular the property goes. And we are quite set back from the road which is nice and private.

THe problem is mostly the backyard - its very closed in..

We have a VERY large deck and then there is a steep hill, and a flat wooded area above the hill. Approximately 20+ ft beyond the top of the hill is ours. It is angled so the right side goes back much farther than 20ft.

We originally wanted to clear the hill and part of the woods and build a retaining wall. We aren't sure what we want and so we have been waiting to get some quotes

The other option would be to create steps that would lead to a cleared upper tier of the yard. I was thinking of maybe still clearing a little of the hill and making a raised bed/retaining wall. And since removing all the trees and such - the tier shouldn't be as large as it is now -I think?

Any opinions on these options. We are open to any advice/suggestions anyone may have. We are DIY'ers when we can. I am not sure which one of these options would be the least expensive either. But unfortunately neither of them are DIY - except maybe taking the trees down?? still a lot.

If anyone has any pics of "tiered yards like the one I described above I would appreciate any pics for inspiration. I have looked on the net but mostly see small tiered gardens. As you can see in the pics we have started clearing a lot of pines out so far to make room.

Pics of backyard:The closer area in the picture has more land behind it. The further you get past the deck it angles in.

View of back deck - well is by the right bottom corner of this pic.


View from other side - this is the side that is narrowist by the corner of the house - still a decent amount on the other side of those pines.


Most of our property is on the side - here is an old picture - many of the trees have started to be cleared in this area as well. Out property on the side goes beyond the cleared area in the middle.


I can try and take some better pictures tomorrow.

Please help - I would like to have some ideas on my own before we call for some estimates.


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