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What to plant around Arborvitae

11 years ago

I want to transplant a couple of arborvitae trees. They're about 4-5' tall. I'd like to place plants around the base of them to fill in the area a little more and provide some different colors. I'd like some ideas. If anyone has any plantings like these please post pics and names of plants.

Can I please get some recommendations? I'm in north east NJ, have clay soil and this area of the property gets full sun. The rounded edges of the bed are the most important, especially the bottom and right sides.

This is how I'm planning to setup the area. Dimensions are approximate. The 2 arborvitae are in inset corner. One idea I had was to have plants high enough to cover up the rounded bottom of the arborvitae to give it a fuller look.

Here are some pictures I've seen online of things I liked.

{{gwi:36294}} {{gwi:36295}} {{gwi:36296}} {{gwi:36297}} {{gwi:36298}}

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