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Would appreciate feedback on Garden Design (pic)

16 years ago

I am redesigning my Zone 9B yard because I have been having trouble growing lawn as the space changes from part sun to part shade. I threw out Plan A which had some lawn in it and am working on Plan B, which is almost totally devoid of the green stuff. (My DH insists on keeping the three shreds of lawn that remain between the drive strips, lol! - I will sneak out one day and replace it with Jasmine minima when he's not looking.)

I am happy with the design which calls for a slate steppingstone path that bisects the top section. It will be flanked on one side by Hakone grass or Liriope . (Top of the plan is north). The upper right side of the northern section will have clumping bamboo (Gracilis) and upright ferns. The lower left side (toward the patio and garage) will have a dwarf Japanese maple, rocks and shrubs). There will be small half circles along the drive strips with black polished stones. In between the circles maybe Carex grass. Maybe a camellia in front of the fireplace stack or maybe a bamboo fountain (not sure about this).

On the south side of the plan (the totally shady side), a bench surrounded by a variety of ferns (the largest being Aust. Tree Fern) and Alocasia (I love African Mask) and maybe Caladiums. There is a Palm tree on the east side along the fence and a live oak on the west side of the plan. I originally wanted to put some Crape myrtles between these trees but there really isn't enough sun and I am not sure I need height on that side seeing that my neighbor's Ali ficus are growing over the fence. This section has a slight slope but I am hoping to compensate for the slope by digging a trench 4" next to the drive strip and using mulch across the whole section to even things out. There will be mulch on the northern section too.

Photo of Northern section of yard (ignore the stones that are in the picture - they're gone)


Photo of Southern section of yard


We roto-tilled this weekend and I am in the process of locating slate stepping stones (not easy). I would appreciate any feedback that you can provide about my design or the choices I have made.

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:31498}}

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