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EarthTainer 'Farm' July 16 - 'Best of Times; Worst of Times' pics

13 years ago

This year with all the Spring rain, we've had perhaps the worst Season for insects and fungal diseases in the Bay Area in years. Constant spraying with Sevin is barely keeping the aphids and other insects in check. Serenade treatments are not effective. Yellowing is setting in big time:


Some of the plants have taken an early "dirt-nap" already. German Red Strawberry and Danko were the first to go:


Some good news however, is that the plants that are hanging in there are producing wonderful tomatoes. Here is a cluster of Goose Creek that are tremendous (of course, in the Tomaten Dunger fertilizer):


And my star performer continues to be a pair of Big Beef located on their own:


Mostly green still and growing like crazy:


The first crop of corn is pretty much finished:


and the second crop is developing now:


Peppers are doing extremely well this Season in spite of the insects:


But are a bit too crowded. Next year, only 4 plants per 'Tainer:


First year for Cukes in 'Tainers and just picked my first DIVA today (thanks Duane for your seeds):


Also have Burpee Burpless which are doing well:



So all in all, not a bad year, but I've lost some good plants way too early in the Season. Next year, the fungicide spraying will commence May 1, even if the plants look totally healthy. I waited until June 20 to start spraying, and by then it was too late for some of them.


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