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The EarthTainer 'Farm' In Now In For 2010 (well, mostly)

14 years ago

Commenced planting out 34 tomato plants in 17 EarthTainers on March 15:


This year, I am growing 6 identical Goose Creek plants in 3 'Tainers:


'Tainer #1 has "Old" Tomato-tone, 'Tainer #2 has "New" Tomato-tone, and 'Tainer #3 is using Tomaten Dunger (thanks to Ami). My goal is to do as clinical as possible, a comparison of these 3 fertilizers.

The pair of Paul Robeson's is coming along nicely, with the plant on the left flowering now for the past week:


I really enjoyed the flavor and production of the Brandywine X Neves Azorean Red (N.A.R.X.) last Season, so a pair are back again this year:


I'm trying Brandywine Cowlicks for the first time this Season:


I have great expectations from the prior reports of others.

Of course, Berkeley Tie-Dye (Green and Pink) are always a color favorite in my garden:


Japanese Black T. on the left has been flowering for about a week also:



The first 3 CornTainers have been planted for a few days now with Gurney's Gotta-Have-It sweetcorn:


The warmth of the Sun on the EarthTainer's sides is giving me an early Season start. Hope to have my first crop by July 4:


Today, planted a 'Tainer of NuMex Heritage 6-4 Chili Peppers and tomorrow 2 'Tainers will be loaded up with California Wonder sweet peppers. Almost done........


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