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Have Bearded Iris - Miniature , Dwarf, Intermediate and TB

15 years ago

I'm cleaning out two of my iris beds, so have several divisions for trade. I am looking for the iris' Honky Tonk Blues and Strozzopretti (not sure of the spelling).I would also like to trade for peonies, asters, creeping phlox, hen & chicks of various types and sedums. I will also consider daylilies if they are a bright colored peach, pink, red, purple or lavender color. None of these plants need to be named, but if are would like to know the names.

Unknown TB- Pastel lavender stand, lavender falls

City Lights


Banana Frappe

Crimson King

Clear Thru Blue

Color Splash

All That Jazz

Cat's Whiskers

Edith Wilford

Cinnamon Apples


Unkown TB- Purple stand, Violet fall, yellow beard, fragrant


Unknown TB- Reddish purple, yellow beard



Making Eyes

Unknown TB- Purple f.& s., white beard, white at beard


Baby Blessed Mini

Stitch Witch Mini

Unknown Mini- Brownish red

Unknown TB- Bright yellow, slight lemony scent

Raspberry Blush Intermediate

Little Episode Dwarf

Quote Dwarf

Unknown TB- Purple s., deeper purple fall

Unknown TB- Light lemon yellow, large white spot on falls

Golden Russet

Being Busy

Hominy Duel

Strato Cummulus

Jesse's Song

Unknown TB - Pastel Blue, slight hint of lavender as ages

Lily of the Valley - White

Daylily - Orange (Common Ditch Lily)

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