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Recommendation for perennial or shrub for border?

11 years ago

Hi there, not sure if I have this in the correct forum or topic, but, here goes. We redid our front yard a few years back, tearing out a portion of lawn that was sloping towards the house, replacing it with a flagstone pathway and a short retaining wall only a foot or two high (to try and flatten out that front lawn and establish better soil and drainage). It looks lovely, and the drainage is a million times better (we have glacial clay in our area that makes things without sufficiently amended soil struggle), but, the choice of plants we used, though not bad, needs to be addressed. The area faces due east, and gets unobstructed morning sun, but then afternoon shade due to the proximity to the house which is a two story. In the background, against the house we have a large rhododendron, some astilibe, many lenten roses, a calla lily, fox glove, holly hock, an evergreen climbing hydrangea, a pink climbing rose against the fence (being planted soon) multiple french and English Lavender, and a regular hydrangea (all edging the substantial fence and arbor we also built.

The area in question has a 2+ foot width of space between the wall and the newly established lawn. It is curved towards the house, and looks somewhat like a very curvy m that doesn't come in much at the center. In the area bordering the lawn I had planted some chocolate cosmos, seathrift, columbine, salvia, lupine, sunshine blue blueberry shrubs, and vinca. To the right of this area we had multiple other plants already established such as spanish lavender backing up on a large birch tree, a leggy looking pink rose plant, lambs ear, and a patch of white daisies surrounding the birch. I have also planted a few poppies in that area. Due to the afternoon shade and problems with fertilizing, I would like to move the blueberries to another location as well as remove the corsican mint and vinca which is pretty, but has become somewhat for a weeding problem, as in, I can't weed around it, and it is becoming invasive. I am not sure what to plant in their places... :( I have 3 blueberries, and 4 vinca.

Can anyone think of a plant that may work with mid afternoon shade, and bright morning sun that would be at least a perennial (coming up in spring and not leaving until fall), or a smaller evergreen shrub that would possibly also flower? I may be able to post a picture of the area, but am not sure how to do that. I need something that will look pretty, but wont take over the area as I have planted quite a few spring bulbs, and some for summer, and would just like the area to look established, and consistent with the rest of the yard. I have contemplated bringing a few hostas to the front yard, so, that may be an option as well. I also have a lot of iris, dahlia, echinacea, manhattan poppy and a few other bulbs to plant, but need some suggestions for something a bit more permanent for that area.

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