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Why is it so hard to find straw? What's a good mulch for veggies?

11 years ago

I am relatively new to gardening and this will be my 3rd gardening season (last summer and last winter), and I mulched on neither occassion. I live in the suburbs of Orange County and all I ever see at garden stores is wood chips for mulch. I never see straw. It sounds like straw is a great mulch, whereas wood chips apparently will leech nitrogen from the soil? I'm just curious if anyone knows where on earth one can purchase straw? And hopefully for a reasonable price! Or if anyone has any other ideas for mulching? It seems like there's SOMETHING mentioned that is a problem with every kind of mulch, or I cannot find it at stores. It has to look attractive as I live with my parents and they'll kill me if it's not! Thanks!

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