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Need to "wow" up my front yard

10 years ago

Our house is for sale. We have completely remodeled the inside and get great feedback on it, but the house itself is boxy and plain, and the landscaping doesn't match the inside. Our price is 90th percentile for the area, and things are still slow at this price point, though lower prices have picked up.

I'm working on coming up with a design to improve the front landscaping that we can execute come springtime should our house not sell before then.

Here's what we've got now:

This is the satellite view from nearly a year ago, and we seeded the spots that are just dirt in this photo. You can see how the house is sited compared to the lake. There's really nothing around the house, though, other than short landscape beds and a couple trees in the front yard.

Closer up view. The house is set about 100' back from the road.

Street view that's about 5 years old, but shows the drive up to the house:

Photo from last fall, after we re-did front landscape beds:

Shot of the back:

My goals are:
1. Make the drive from the street to the house feel like you're entering an estate. Inspiration: long, mature tree-lined drive. I know this isn't a super long drive, and I can't/won't buy 30-year-old trees, but that's the feeling I'm trying to conjure up.
2. Make the house seem more secluded from the street. Though 100 feet is a decent setback, given the lake and the fact that all our neighbors' houses are closer to the lake, we suffer from the perception of "too close to the street."
3. Soften the sides of the house, which are large, unbroken brick expanses.
4. I don't think we need to do anything to the back of the house. The views are fabulous from the house itself, and the back profile of the house isn't as boxy as the front, thanks to our renovations (sunroom, turret and deck were added).

Let me know any other questions you've got or other photo vantage points that might be helpful. I appreciate any help and suggestions on a design that you can provide!

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