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County is going to dig up my front yard...

9 years ago

A few weeks ago, we had a bad storm and flooding in the neighborhood. I didn't have any bad damage, just missing mulch and my fence was pushed in. However, my neighbor across the street had 5 feet of water in his basement. This has happened before and was supposedly addressed. This week the county has been all over the neighborhood and in my yard surveying, putting up flags and spray painting for utilities. I knew something was up when my hsuband told me they were in our backyard yesterday.

It turns out that the drainage zig zags from my neighbor across the street to his next door neighbor, then across to my yard then turning twice before it goes through my backyard to a drain that goes to the retention pond. What would make sense to me is to have it go straight across the street into my yard through my backyard to the same drain. That part of my property is county easement and I haven't planted anything there except grass.

But what the county, in all it's wisdom, wants to do is widen the zig zag path with the 4 left turns. Which involves digging up my front yard and driveway and countless roses and maybe some trees.

I'm being calm, and I recognize the need for this project. If they have to dig up my yard, fine. I guess what I need to know is how can I protect my roses in the event that they need to be dug up and replanted. I have some small roses, but also some large teas that may be in the path. Can I cut them down and either pot them up or burlap them and keep them in a shady spot until I can replant? Do you think that would work with large established roses?

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