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Need Help with Gritty Mix

8 years ago

Hi - I've been reading all the info on Gritty Mix and was planning to make it and plant this weekend. I am in the SF East Bay (Livermore) where it gets very hot in the summer. I am planning succulents in containers and they will be in the sun.

I bought Turface MVP and small bags of Reptibark. I could not find the Manno Pro or Cherrystone anywhere. The local feed store had chicken grit but it had oyster shells and a few other things added.

My husband had some leftover crushed granite that was 1/4 inch but it seemed to have a lot of smaller too. I screened it to get rid of the power and then screened on 1/4 hardware cloth to get rid of the larger pieces.

I think it is still too big? Could someone take a look and let me know what you think?

Any advice is helpful as I am a total newbie to this!

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