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it's a desease, it's genetic, can someone please help me?

18 years ago

i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. i'm up to my ears with work to do around the house and garden. i have to dig out a ton of grass just to put in the plants i already have.

yet - yesterday i went to wal-mart and they had beautiful daffodil bulbs 50/$10. into the cart they went. and today, i went to a garden center to get mulch (the wal-mart is a 'super' store that just opened and doesn't have mulch yet...) and ended up buying 3 sale perennials and 4 mums.

just because my hubby and son went to ottawa for the weekend doesn't mean i'll have time to plant all this stuff.. why do i kep doing this?!

well, for one thing - i know it's genetic and i got it from my mother. she has the same problem. and she got it from her father's family. her grandparents owned a nursery on long island. her father (my grandfather) was a teenager/early 20's during the depression, so he had a better hold of himself on these buying sprurges - but he would still go 'rescue' plants from discount stores, too. we have heirloom tomatoes that he got for a quarter - maybe a dime... (about 25 years ago) on sale because they were 80% dead. he nursed them back to health and then some. these suckers reseed with abandon.. and until i got sucked into the heirloom tomato 'necessity', we never saved the seeds - they just grew every year as volunteers.

so, clearly genetics plays a large role in my struggle.

is there anyone out there who can help me (or at least come out of the closet and admit you have this same desease). we might find out it's an epedemic :)


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