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Miracle Gro Moisture Control @ Cost*co - some info

14 years ago

Hello all,

In the West Henrico Cost*co (Richmond Virginia area) they have the 55qt bags of MG with a 'sale' price. I don't use the moisture control stuff but at the price I figured I'd get a few bags. The bags smell like gasoline. A very strong gasoline smell. I thought it was just my sensitive nose but when I got to the front of the store the cashiers and their loaders were commenting about all the bags they had loaded smelling like gasoline. I decided to leave those bags right there. Just thought I'd pass this along for anyone who might be in a Cost*co and see the 'sale' price. Smell the MG before you buy. And yes, you can smell this gasoline smell right through the plastic bag. Perhaps the 'sale' is because the product is contaminated.



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