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bulbs coming up too early!

14 years ago

It IS December, but we've had a few days here lately that it's been above 60 degrees. Today my thermometer reads 76 degrees!! It's crazy. Usually it's in the 30s or low 40s this time of year.

So a few of my bulbs are starting to come up. Looks like it's some daffodils and hyacinths. (Note that I may be guilty of not planting them deep enough, but temps in the 60s-70s I suppose can't be ignored!) Is there anything I can do? Two weeks ago we had a cold snap and temps were in the single digits with wind chill - now I'm wearing short sleeves outside!

I tried to cover the little sprouts with some leaves. Should I mulch over them? I don't want them all to die out when (if?) it gets normal cold temps again. Especially since I planted a lot of bulbs in the fall - hyacinths, stardrift, alpine bells, crocus, tulips - all kinds of things I am looking forward too!

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