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Paperwhites Won't Bloom -What To Do About Them

16 years ago


I have these paperwhites that haven't bloomed since my dog died 5 years ago. Every pre-spring (around February in Oakland, Ca.) since 5 years ago, they would totally emerge from the ground, but they won't bloom.

I really didn't give them much thought when they did bloom and my dog was still around. My dog would always eat them for whatever reason. He wouldn't leave me much time to enjoy them when they would bloom. Before I'd know it, the paperwhites would be gone, used as his salad. : ( My dog was the only one who "gardened" the paperwhites.

I'm starting to think that since he had passed on, and nobody has tried to do anything to them besides water them, they will just sit there.

This year, they stayed vibrantly green until June (in April is when they usually die off). That's when something (maybe a squirrel, raccoon, or opossum) entered my yard and took off with the stems and leaves.

Now, I am just beginning to see the tips of my paperwhites emerge from the ground. I am suspecting that the same thing will happen again this coming pre-spring where nothing will bloom.

What can I do to remedy this situation? Should I dig them up to separate them? There are at least 12 tips that I see coming up in a 12 in. diameter circle with 1/2 inch distance between all of them. I'm thinking that they are too close to one another to fully bloom.

Your response would be most appreciated. Thank you to all who have responded to my previous questions.



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