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Low chill species tulips?

13 years ago

I have had bad experience with T. clusiana in the past, but I am unsure whether it was a case of bad care on my part, bad bulbs to begin with, or if it's just a bad species for my climate!

I planted them in October, 4" deep, in sandy clay-loam, with an eastern exposure. some of the bulbs grew a few grassy leaves, but about 2/3 didn't come up at all. None bloomed, and none survived the following summer.

I have found out that my summer care, at least, was wrong, since I couldn't keep the area dry during the dormant season. I have my suspicions about the bulbs, since they were about pea sized, although I've heard that they normally have small bulbs. I have my suspicions about the species, since I haven't found any info about anyone growing them in any climate warmer than zone 8.

My main questions are: What size is a "blooming size" bulb for this species? And has anyone grown them in zone 9 or warmer? I'd also like similar info on T saxatilis and T. sylvestris.

I hope some of you Southern bulb gurus can help me.

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