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Can anyone help me track down this Tulip??

Hi guys! I was hoping one of you knows where I might find this particular Tulip. I bought it three or more years ago from Brecks. I would really like to buy more of them, but it seems Brecks do not carry it anymore.

The name on the tag is 'Evergreen Tulip' Tulip virdflora (I am thinking they mean virdiflora??). I am not sure if they mean 'Evergreen' is the cultivar or just a name they attached to T. virdiflora to make it sound interesting.

The petals are a real green color!

I have searched for it on other sites with no luck. Several sites mention them, but when I hit 'order' it just takes me back to Breck's page on it, which is not there anymore because they do not sell it now! Here is a link to one of the sites....

Anyone know where, or even IF, I can find this particular Tulip?

Thank you so much!


Here is a link that might be useful: the Tulip in question...

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