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I don't know much about bulbs, but I got a lot of them

14 years ago

Sorry this is cross posted, I couldn't find this bulb forum!

I've never dealt with any bulb except the standard daffodil. An online nursery had an end of season grabbag marked from almost 200 that I ended up getting for 25 with some fancy online coupon magic. I don't know what do with them.

I just got a shipment of way discount bulbs because apparently these bulbs should be planted more like April for summer blooms. So can I put them in the ground? I live in Georgia and we have a looong summer, so it'll be hot enough to qualify for summer way into September.

It looks like I got some glads, satisfaction lily trees,grand paridoiso lilys, peacock orchids, and shamrock iron cross bulbs, then some dahlia, orange glory flower, lady's mantle, and 4'oclocks root clumbs (rhizomes?).

All of these are supposed to be perinneal in nature. I also have a big bag of daffodil's but I guess I can put those in the fridge and plant them in the fall/winter.

So what should I do with all this bulby mess?

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  • Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana
    14 years ago

    So what should I do with all this bulby mess?
    Plant it and enjoy it. I imagine it will all be just fine, though planted a little late for your area. You will just be enjoying things later, or a little less this season.

    You may want to do some searching to see just what all is hardy in your area. Ladies mantle, should be hardy in your area, though I did not think it was grown from a bulb. Is it Alchemilla mollis (Ladies mantle) that you received?

    All of these are supposed to be perennial in nature.
    In a warm enough zone they would be, but only the Ladies Mantle would survive winter outside here. Glads and dahlias are dug each fall here. The oxalis would likely be grown in a container and brought in to overwinter where it would not freeze. Perhaps others in your zone can comment more on what you have, and its winter care.