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Alyssum and direct sowing

I've tried to direct sow Alyssum this year. I wanted to cover a larger area than usual and using seed sounded like it would give me the best chance of doing that.

I have not found this an easy job to do. Sowing the seed was no problem, but keeping the bare surface of the soil moist long enough for them to germinate is proving more difficult. I have gotten some germination, but I added more seed and extended the time needed to water and I'm sure I've left it too long a couple of times.

I tried watering 3x a day on this bed that is only in 6hrs of sun a day, but on days when the sun is out all day, it has still dried out between my waterings and I can't go out there any more than that. Plus the water puddles a little and runs down to the lowest point of the bed taking the seeds with them and I get clumps of germinated seeds and blank spaces with no seed. It slopes slightly, barely noticeable.

It has made me think I won't try this again, but I thought I'd ask if there was some trick to it that I hadn't thought of?

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