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Forgot to plant Spring-flowering bulbs! Should I plant them now?

14 years ago

OK - never mind the mental implications!

I just found today commercial packets of anemone, tulip, hyacinth, muscari and daffodil bulbs, bought last summer. The last three all have small growth coming out of the ends, and the a couple of the daffs up to an inch of growth.

In my garden in Korea the resident daffs are all coming up; some early ones are about to open into flower. The hyacinths are also coming up, and the muscari are up, though they too are not yet flowering. We'll get another few nights of frost, but it's turning milder (up to 52deg F in the day).

Should I plant them quickly, keep them for next year or (sniff) throw them on the compost? Your advice greatly appreciated.


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