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'Spruce' pre-bonsai training tips (pics included)

14 years ago

Here is another one of my outdoor bonsai-- I think it is some kind of spruce, but I am not sure. I bought it at a garden center last fall for $12.95 as a "Fanciful holiday" plant. There was no other label or tag.

Here are the pics:

I successfully over-wintered it, and now it is producing nice long buds. I read somewhere that a good time of year to re-pot conifers is when the buds extend...I am no expert, but I think this guy needs a new pot. What do you guys think? It is currently in a 4" plastic cup. Should I upgrade to a 6" or 8"?

What kind of substrate should I use?

Also, How do I root-prune when I re-pot it? Should I completely muss the root ball as if it were a houseplant? It is pretty pot-bound. I can take a picture of the root ball if you like.

Other than that any grooming tips?

Thank you guys!!


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