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I think I need to be convinced or dis-convinced

18 years ago

I'm curious about two unusual bulb-like plants. The first is hardy cyclamen. I will admit that I have tried this particulat plant before and my attempt was thwarted by squirrels who had a rather pricey meal. I don't even know if I planted them properly as they were gone within 3 days. I found chewed pieces, that's it.

Maybe plants whose corm (or bulb or whatever) doesn't get buried deeply are a mistake (though I am willing to cage them and add gravel or death-peppers to ward off the tree-rats).

The other one, and this one I haven't tried or even seen, is Bletilla striata (also known as Chinese Hardy Orchid).

Well, anyone out there got positive or negative reviews of these two plants? Talk me into or out of them, please.


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