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Sowing annual seeds over large ground area

18 years ago

I've got a few thousand sq ft of freshly-raked, mostly shaded dirt that I want to cover until fall. My plan is to plant a few thousand seeds of nicotiana, four o'clocks, and nasturtiums, in early May. I figure I'll mix the seeds with sand so I can spread them around, and then roll them down and water them. Do you annuals experts think this is a reasonable plan?

I'm not entirely optimistic because of an experience I had last year. That time it was during the early summer, the area was sunny and a thousand sq ft or so, and I planted rudbeckia seeds. They're supposed to be easy to grow, but my watering yielded nothing but luxuriant crabgrass. Maybe I failed last year because it was too late in the season? Is there any issue with the kind of sand I used? I originally wanted to use play sand, but ended up using regular sand. I think I mixed the tiny seeds with the sand pretty thoroughly, and then I spread them with a rotary spreader. Could mixing with sharp sand damage the seeds?

Anyway, any advice much appreciated. If it works out, I can see doing this every year, instead of planting grass.

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