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Hand rails for steep stairs -- need suggestions!

18 years ago

I've been lurking here (and in the Hypertufa forum) for ages. We recently purchased a "new"'s a 50+ year old small cabin on a lake in NE Washington. It has concrete stairs leading down to the dock and, as my husband is still recovering from a stroke, I'd like to add a hand rail. Really appreciate any suggestions on what to make it out of. I know I could use wood 4 X 4 posts and 1X4 rails. I've also been toying with using PVC filled with cement for the posts and maybe even pvc for the hand rail if I could figure out how to strengthen it. Also been toying with soaking old rope in cement and winding it around the PVC. Strength, looks and cost are my concerns (in that order).

Looking forward to actually DOING some projects rather than just dreaming about them! Appreciate your suggestions.


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