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Ideas for decorating white plastic buckets

11 years ago

I have quite many white plastic buckets on my balcony. They are semi-cheap, and practical, but let÷s face it, not very attractive! I÷m hoping somebody here will have an idea of how to make them look a bit more interesting.
My dad÷s girlfriend suggested putting bows on them... well, in her defence she haven÷t actually seen my balcony, or the pots... it would just look ridiculous... besides, bows are too froufrou for my taste.
My friend suggested painting them in Aztec patterns and my mum suggested painting them to look like terracotta... Painting them Aztec might be an option if I lived in Mexico, and not Scandinavia. Painting them terracotta, would just look like that, I think... a plastic bucket, trying too hard to look like a painted plastic bucket! -I want something a bit more subtle. Besides, I fear that plastic paint (Aztec or terracotta) would just peel of after a few months in the sun, and end up making my dull pots look ugly instead.
I know that trying to make plastic look like wood, is asking for the impossible, but it would be ideal!
Oh, and did I mention.... It has to be CHEAP! -At least as cheap as the buckets!
Any suggestions? Anyone?

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