what tree is this.

dwts1975April 24, 2014

I found this little twig growing last year when I knocked my old she'd down. There were no leaves or any foliage but I put it into a pot and fed it in the Hope it may do something this year.
It's now sprouted leaves that look very oak like but I can't be certain. All help appreciated.

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I think this is a English Oak

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Hi Buddy-boy

I think it is a Sessile Oak. I got the following quote from 'The Trees of Britain and Northern Europe' by Alan Mitchell and John Wilkinson, Collins pocket book guide.

"Sessile Oak, Quercus Petraea (of the rocks, the hillside oak as opposed to the valley oak). The acorns of this native tree (UK) are sessile - without stalks - but the leaves have good yellow stalks and are altogether more shapely, firm, healthy and handsome than those of the common oak. It is a finer tree too, faster growing with a longer bole and straighter branches on which the foliage is evenly spread not bunched. It is the oak of the Welsh and Scottish hillsides, where pied flycatchers breed, as in Cumbria and Yorkshire too. The timber is like the common oak, strong and very durable. In 10 years it will reach 6 metres, in 20 years, 12 metres and when fully mature can be up to 43 metres tall".

It looks beautiful, there are over 500 species of oak in the Northern Europe. Happy growing!!!

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