Camellia-Curly leaves & brown spots/edges

Dee17(West Vic Aust)March 16, 2005

I am very new to gardening but I am trying to learn. I have planted 9 camellias along a fence (2years ago)-some get dappled sun and approx 6 get full sun. Two in the centre (Full sun) are Jennifer Susan and Hiryu. They both have sparse leaves. The leaves are also curling up and have small and large brown spots and sort of burnt looking edges. I can't see any bugs but there does seem to be some small black ants around them. What can I do to help them? And is it the ants or maybe something else? Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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wattle(NSW Aust)

We live up on the tablelands and the Camellias are under the pine tree. I believe they do not like full sun.
The ants are feeding something on the tree and this could be a prob.
Try this site
or type Camellia in Google and see what happens


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Dee17(West Vic Aust)

Thank you "Wattle". The fact sheet is so informative. I gather I have a fungus and that my watering has not been consistent enough. It's funny I was told by my local nursery that camellias would do well in either shady or full sun positions. Seems they dont really know everything they claim!! I will do my best to protect them and get them well again. Once again - your help is much appreciated.

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