Yucca plant - leaf damage

bongbong47January 1, 2005

I have a yucca elephantipes placed in a sunroom where it is obviously getting substantial light and direct sun. I bought this rather large specimen about three months ago and have watered it once a month. I have noticed in the past few days that many of the leaves have black spots up to 5mm in diameter that go right through the leaf - on the underside of the leaf the edges of these spots have tiny droplets of a honey coloured liquid. A local garden centre said it is most likely stress from the plant being indoors and to relocate it outside - could be but any other ideas ?

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I put my indoor plants out side under a tree for a while, they also go out on the back decking when it rains maybe that is what it needs. My Yukka lives outside in a huge pot it is not the same one as yours, and has no spots on it. Are you giving it the right amount of water, just remember no plant was meant to live indoors all the time, so put your indoor yukka outside for a time in the warmer weather it should make a difference.


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Mine is exactly the same!!!

My Yucca has bee living outside for almost 2 year now and has grown really well and is doing great. But every now and then it gets the black spots on the leaves that go right through as you say and then on the underside there is honey like droplets.

I have had to spray them to get rid off some of those little white bugs with the furry butts. There is also a type of spider that seems to like making flat cotton like webs on them but I can't actually see whaty is making the black spots and sticky stuff.

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I have a yucca silver star it lives in a pot on the deck it has black spots what do i do about this my friendly garderning friends

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I have the same problem and came across this information:

Watch your yucca plant or signs of anthracnose of agaves, a fungal disease that causes lesions on leaves and red to orange spore masses. Remove affected leaves at first sign of infection.

Check your yucca plant often for signs of spotted mites, which leave tell-tale gray webs under leaves, as well as tan or gray speckling on the plant. Spray the yucca plant with insecticidal soap to control the mites; you can also discourage them by misting your yucca plant frequently.

Read more: How to Care for My Outdoor Yucca Plant : eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6109111_care-outdoor-yucca-plant.html#ixzz1vbLUd1O7

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