How to renew a veggie patch

eldiezJuly 3, 2014

Hi all

I've recently just moved into a new place with an existing veggie patch that the previous owners left behind.

This veggie patch still looks quite fertile with some bok choy, berries and other stuff growing, but I was wondering what I'd have to do to get rid of all the existing plantings and use the patch to plant a bunch of herbs instead.

I was thinking I'd need to dig up all the existing soil, then put a layer of new soil on top with the herb seedlings.. does this sound like I'm on the right track? Thanks for any help!

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You wouldn't necessarily need to put a new layer of soil on top of the old. But you'd need to get the old plants out to prevent them growing again and out competing your herbs. Generally herbs need a very well drained soil so you might need to do something in that regard if the old soil has become heavier.

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You have asked a very wide question, so it is difficult to answer. Where are you (state will do) and what sort of herbs are you talking about?
Chives, Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Mint......?
Agree with Tropicbreeze, It is probably not necessary to add new soil. Dig what is there thoroughly, Add some Lime, Dig it in. Water thoroughly. Leave it for a month or two and dig it again (this process should get rid of weeds and whatever was in the bed).
Some herbs might do better in containers.....

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Thanks for the advice,

I'm in NSW and planning to grow some coriander, parsley and rosemary

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I think you will find that Rosemary is best grown in a pot. What sort of Parsley? Italian (flat leaf) if allowed to seed will never need to be replaced, just dig and compost the plants you do not want.
Never tried Coriander or curley leaf Parsley.

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