Grevillea pick of the crop.

funnelwebApril 10, 2014

Just another grevillea, this one, 'Pick of the crop' I bought mail order from Garden Express about 6 months ago and it has just now progressed to its first flower. Foliage is a bit prickly but looks like the flower will make it worth the effort.


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Ahhh, another lovely " toothbrush" :>) Ha-ha

I find Australian plants, fascinating.

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Thank you Inga, a fellow gardener in Vancouver (Vancouver Island) tells me spring is just around the corner, though it's still pretty cool.

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Vancouver Island is always a little ahead of us.
We still have pockets of snow hiding in the shade, but I discovered the first snowdrops, primula and a Christmas rose in the park. We do have lots of sunshine, but still a little cool.

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Must be lovely to glimpse those first signs of new life after a harsh, white winter, inga. I still miss snowdrops, I use to grow them in Sydney (800 kilometres south) before we moved to where we now are - Sydney winters were just cold enough to enjoy them.

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I, really like the colour and form of thr Grevilleas-alwas nice to see.I have purchased quite a few plants from the aforementioned
fiirm and generally happy. I see some of the little star flowers starting to appear along with othe bulbs-silly inst it?. My Kangaroo Paws look ok but a wait and see how they go in the shade and heavy soil.
happy Easter and hot cross buns to all


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Ummm, the K. Paws, Chas, really don't like too much shade and certainly not heavy soils; sandyish, well drained is their natural growing medium. Anyway, lets know how they go.


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