NO FRUIT from my Passionfruit Vine

bluecatwineFebruary 21, 2008

I planted two Nelly Kelly passionfruit vines 2 years ago and both are healthy and lush. I have plenty of flowers but they just die and drop off.

I had 1 small fruit through the first Autumn crop but it was the size of an egg, thick skinned and no fruit inside. I have a neighbour up the road who has them and they get so much fruit I am amazed.

It is fairly dry here but I do give them a good drink once a week in compliance with our water restrictions. The only thing I haven't done is give them animal manuer however they do get a dose of my compost and dynamic lifter when its time to fertilise.

Is there something I am missing or do I have dud plants?

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you may have to try some hand pollination? necessary if pollinators like bees are scarce, i believe it is as simple as uing your finger and give each flower a wipe from one flower to another.

have also been told a good application of citrus food will help with flowering, i gave ours a couple good waterings of my wee water can't claim it helped but it didn't hurt.

we planted a jamacian or hawiian gold and had similar feeling early on but it naturally started fruiting and hasn't stopped since, might be some varieties are too hybridised and thus need more mollycoddling?? keep plants as close the heirloom status as much as possible, they seem to be more reliable fruiters?


Here is a link that might be useful: len's garden page

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I had the same problem with my most recent grafted nellie kelly (GNK). The previous one was fantastic.

Planted two vines at opposite ends of a trellice three years ago - one nelly kelly (GNK), the other panama red (PR) (not grafted). The GNK grew prolifically and was covered in flowers - not one produced fruit. The PR grew slowly and produced very few flowers, but almost every one had a BIG fruit.

I tried hand pollinating with a small brush, and noticed that the GNK flowers had barely any pollen, whilst the PR had massive amounts of pollen.

The rootsock of the GNK was taking over the garden, with suckers 5 or 6 metres away - the suckers flower & produce fruit, but not the Nellie Kelly. I've now given up, pulled it out and planted an ungrafted variety.

I do wonder whether there have been some had batches of the GNK sold around australia over the last few years. my previous GNK certainly didn't have such an invasive rootstock and produced masses of fruit.

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i have two vines planted together lovely position they have lots of flower s but all fall of this is the first season we herd don burke tell some radio callers not to give to much attention to the plans please advise what to do many thanks joe

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I have three passionfruit vines (a black, a gold and a red)all purchased at Bunnings. Firstly the black and the gold one would not flower so I gave them some phosphate - both started flowering profusely and the gold one is setting masses of fruit (some have ripened and are delicious). However the black one flowers and then the fruit drop off despite my attempts to hand pollinate. The red one is too small yet to flower so can't comment. After reading the comments on this site I am wondering if there has been a batch of 'dud' black plants sold. Thinking of ripping it out and letting the other two take over.

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I found this page at the University of Florida for anyone in Florida with questions about how to grow in Florida.. However it has general plant info which could be useful to everyone..
I copied a small section on pollination from the attached link I listed below..

Pollination is essential for fruit production on passion vines. Flowers of the purple passion vine normally set fruit when self-pollinated, but many yellow passion vines will not set fruit unless their flowers are dusted with pollen from a different vine that is genetically compatible. Thus, 2 plants grown from cuttings taken from the same vine cannot pollinate each other. Moreover, some vines from a group of seedlings can cross-pollinate and others cannot. This must be learned by trial and error as the plants develop. Ordinarily, many opportunities for cross-pollination exist in a large seedling population.

Here is a link that might be useful: University of Florida

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I have had the same problem, I also bought 2 GNK from bunnings & planted them on opposite sides off a trellis, 1 died, the other gets lots of flowers but the fruit is the size of an egg & empty inside. It also has long runners throughout the garden which I keep pulling out. I am beginning to think you may be right it's a dud batch. I will leave mine for this season & try to hand pollinate if I have no luck, I will pull it out & try a different fariety.

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