For Goldhill, About Dwarf Bougainvillea

mistymornJanuary 31, 2006

Hi GH..About the dwarf bougainvillea, Yes you have to prune them to keep them in shape, if you leave them in a pot they should always stay small and not have many long canes growing if you look at this pic below taken today you will see that some of the canes are just starting to grow out from the shape usually I would prune those off a little but as it is getting close to their flowering time I do not want to prune off the new flowers so I will leave them, but you must give them a good prune all over when they have finished flowering.

And soon it should look like this, taken last April and stays in flower till August.

The art of having beautiful bushy bougs is too prune them often, as soon as they get to 40cms or longer prune half off, and when they grow again prune half off again stopping in mid summer then you are rewarded in the Autumn with flowers like this that last for months. After you have pruned after flowering and the new shoots are growing feed them a little and this is what you will get.

Jamician Orange:

White Cascade:

Pink Tango:

These photo's have been shown before so my apologies to those who have seen them.....Cheers..MM.

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MM if those pictures don't turn people to growing Bougies, I am sure nothing will.

I have quite a few here and they always have some flowers on them, really wonderful they are.

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Thanks MM, they look so pretty. We only have the one type here at the moment and even though they are only a small variety it still sends canes any which way, usually where we have to walk. I've always been inclined to only cut the taller canes off at the base as I heard somewhere years ago that pruning the branches encourages more thorns. I might ignore that advice now as yours look so good. I think I will get the pruners out tomorrow!

My mother had the same variety that I've got (Smarty Pants) and never had to touch hers but it was in full western sun. Ours are on the northern & southern side of the carport to form a screen so receive some shade off & on throughout the year and do grow a bit leggy. This is about the 4th thing we have tried in this spot as the type of plants we want either don't like one side or the other. These have grown the best so far and always seem to be in flower.

I think I might try a few in pots too - I can just here my husband say 'oh no, not more' :)

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GH they grow anywhere I have lots out the front of the house on the South side and if they are lucky they get a bit of late afternoon sun in Summer I think they get more in the Spring and Autumn as the sun is so much lower. They are the weeping standards I am training.

Those small ones I have had for just on three years, so if you prune them when they have finished flowering you should have no trouble with long canes, just remember to buy "Bambino bougs" or one of the "Red Dragon compact bougainvillea " they should grow no more that one metre high and wide.......Cheers..MM.

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Hi MM,
I was wondering if these dwarf ones would grow well in Melbourne. Did you grow them down here at all? I know I can buy them, but wasn't sure how well they would perform.

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Hi Dee No I never grew them in Melbourne they were not out in those days, the only one I grew there was Scarlet O Hara, she was a big one. I do not think you would have any trouble as I have seen lots of bougs growing there. Being in a pot you will be able to move it around so it can get lots of sun especially in Winter, if you were at all worried about it you could perhaps put it under cover when the frost come....Cheers..MM.

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Thanks MM, might give one a try.

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